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Untraceable DIY ghost guns are the fastest growing gun safety problem in the country. They’ve become a weapon of choice for violent criminals, including white supremacists. And because they can be obtained with no background check and no questions asked, they are undermining gun safety laws across the country. In anticipation of the ATF finalizing a new rule relating to kits and parts used to build ghost guns, it is important for the public to understand the prevalence of ghost guns in murders, shootings, and other crimes. Everytown has therefore collected examples of reported murders and shootings using ghost guns since 2013. In addition, this site collects the latest figures on ghost gun recoveries from cities across the country.

Ghost Guns Shootings

DateStateLocalityDescriptionCourt Docs
6/2/2024MDCheverly4-year-old playing hide-and-seek found ghost gun and unintentionally shot herself in the arm non-fatally.
5/18/2024WIMilwaukeeTwo 15-year-olds were shot and killed by another 15-year-old with a ghost gun he took from a family member.
4/10/2024CTBridgeport17-year-old murdered by a 21-year-old who possessed a ghost gun.
2/16/2024CALos AngelesMan being arrested after a restraining order violation fired ghost gun, wounding officer in the hand.
2/5/2024PADarby15-year-old killed teen with ghost gun, wounded another teen, at corner store.
12/17/2023MDBaltimoreFather shot and killed his 2-year-old daughter with a ghost gun he later disposed of in a storm drain.
11/27/2023MAWarehamMan shot and killed his father with ghost gun he had recently bought on the internet.
10/29/2023PAUpper DarbyA ghost-gun purchased in a kit online was used in the murder of 65-year-old during a carjacking outside of a mosque.
10/28/2023COGlenwood Springs20-year-old with a ghost AR rifle and ghost handgun died from self-inflicted gunshot wound at adventure park. Discovered with numerous loaded magazines, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, in addition to both real and fake homemade explosive devices.
10/17/2023CAStanfordMan shot a woman in the leg with a Polymer80 ghost gun and then hid in an employee break room in a Trader Joe's.
10/1/2023NYRichmond CountyMan shot and wounded neighbor with a ghost gun
9/17/2023CTAnsoniaA teen shot his relative in the arm with a ghost gun while trying to intervene in a fight between her and her significant other.
9/11/2023MDBaltimoreTeen shot in the hand with ghost gun
9/4/2023MDMontgomery CountyMan used a ghost gun he ordered online to kill housemate, wound two others, including his mother
9/3/2023CAOaklandA man opened fire in a crowded fast-food restaurant with a ghost gun after a fight, hitting a bystander in the ankle. The same shooter killed two men in separate carjackings in the parking lot of a gym and was arrested with a second ghost gun on his person.
8/14/2023MNRamsey CountyMan shot rival gang member with ghost gun
8/6/2023ILGurnee16-year-old old unintentionally shot 15-year-old with ghost gun
7/8/2023NYSuffolk County15-year-old unintentionally shot himself in the hand with ghost pistol
7/8/2023NYQueensMan on scooter shot randomly at people with a ghost gun, killing an 86-year-old man, and wounding 3 others
7/3/2023PAPhiladelphiaMan shot and killed 5 people in random shooting with ghost AR-style rifle; man also had ghost handgun
5/21/2023NJNewarkA 13-year-old was left in critical condition after being shot with a ghost gun.
5/6/2023LAHammond18-year-old used a ghost gun to shoot and kill a man who was celebrating his 63rd birthday.
4/8/2023PAPhiladelphiaA man was shot and killed with a ghost gun after an argument in a train station.
4/11/2023PACheltenham TownshipTeacher at Dunkin' drive through killed with ghost gun in murder for hire
3/30/2023NCWinston-Salem18-year-old shot himself in the hand with ghost gun at community college
3/23/2023CODenver17-year-old boy, after shooting school administrators, committed suicide with ghost gun
3/21/2023MDBaltimoreMan used Polymer80 ghost pistol to kill man after an argument
2/27/2023MOSt. LouisMan killed unhoused man with ghost gun in the street.
2/23/2023NVHendersonFelon unintentionally shot himself in the leg with a Polymer80 ghost pistol while walking around a casino
2/21/2023NVLas VegasMan unintentionally shot himself at a casino with a ghost gun
2/17/2023NYClayShooting at workplace fight that wounded one man involved ghost pistol
2/12/2023RIProvidenceArgument resulted in victim being shot to death with a ghost gun
1/29/2023LANew Orleans15-year-old unintentionally shot with ghost gun by 19-year-old
1/27/2023CASelmaMan approached by police officer opened fire on the officer with ghost assault rifle, killing the officer
1/17/2023CABakersfieldMan in standoff with police shot at police grazing the cheek of a nearby resident, man had ghost AR-15 and ghost handgun
1/16/2023CAVallejoMan unintentionally shot himself with a ghost gun.
1/12/2023CAPalo AltoPolice officer shot and wounded by a full auto ghost gun following a traffic stop that led to a foot chase; officer later died
12/29/2022CARiversideMan fatally shot a sheriff's deputy during a traffic stop; a Polymer80 9mm semi-automatic ghost pistol was used and recovered after a car chase and shootout.
12/28/2022NVCarson City19-year-old fatally shot man with ghost gun handgun after an argument
12/21/2022NCCharlotte13-year-old unintentionally shot and injured with Polymer80 ghost pistol
12/20/2022CALa HabraMan shot officer with glock-style ghost gun before being shot and killed by an officer
12/18/2023NYDeWittMan killed wife and himself with Polymer80 ghost gun.
12/18/2022PAMontgomery CountyArmed hit-and-run suspect unintetionally shot and wounded himself with ghost gun during a shootout with a police officer
12/12/2022CASan DiegoMan pursued by police in car chase shot and wounded an officer with a ghost gun
12/5/2022WAPierce CountyMan killed his 21-year-old girlfriend with a Polymer80 ghost gun.
12/3/2022WIGreen BayTwo brothers, 16 and 18, shot and injured a 20-year-old man with a ghost gunComplaint
12/2/2022CARosamond19-year-old shot at two sheriff's deputies with a ghost gun when they were investigating his breaking into cars. One of the deputies was shot in the head.
11/21/2022CAVallejoOne person was wounded in a shooting where a ghost gun was used
11/18/2022MNBrooklyn Park17-year-old shot with Polymer80 ghost pistol made from recently acquired parts
11/13/2022CARohnert ParkSandwich shop employee shot a 16-year-old during a dispute with a firearm that didn't have a serial number
10/28/2022CASanta RosaMan shot and wounded two with ghost gun in marijuana deal.
10/5/2022MABostonTeenager shot multiple times by his classmate outside of their high school with a Polymer80 ghost gun.
9/27/2022CAStocktonSerial killer who murdered at least six people used a Polymer80 ghost gun.
9/12/2022RIProvidence24-year old woman killed by stray gunfire from a ghost gun on sidewalk
9/12/2022CAArvin17-year-old boy shot a 14-year-old girl in the head with a ghost gun, killing her.
9/12/2022NVLas Vegas20-year-old and 19-year-old shot four people across five different crime scenes with a Polymer80 ghost gun.
9/10/2022PAPhiladelphia14-year-old used ghost gun in shooting that killed a bystander
9/2/2022MDBaltimore17-year-old shot and killed another 17-year-old with a ghost gun
8/18/2022GAEast PointGhost gun used in drive-by shooting that wounded a 57-year-old bystander
8/15/2022MABostonPolice find five ghost guns in the home of a man with gunshot wounds. He had originally accused his father of accidentally shooting him in a car, but a trail of blood and a spent casing were found inside his home along with the ghost guns.
8/13/2022MNBrooklyn Park17-year-old shot; 40 rounds were fired in the vicinity of the large crime scene. Both a ghost gun, which police believe was used in the shooting, and a fully automatic weapon were found nearby.
8/12/2022WIRacine16-year-old shot 15-year-old with ghost gun
8/7/2022CACottonwoodDomestic abuser threatened to kill his partner with a ghost gun, but died from gun shot wounds in an ensuing physical struggle. Detectives discovered the the abuser was prohibited from possessing a firearm, but had assembled the ghost gun that was used in the shooting
8/3/2022NYBinghamtonMan shot another with a ghost gun, injuring him.
8/2/2022NCWinston-SalemMan shot and killed an employee with a ghost gun at a manufacturing plant after an argument.
7/27/2022CATaftA teenage girl was wounded in an accidental shooting with AR-15-type ghost rifle was fired at a social gathering
7/26/2022ILChicago20-year-old man said he was assembling a ghost gun in a bedroom of his family's home when it accidentally went off, striking and killing his 15-year-old sister
7/22/2022IAMaquoketa23-year-old man used ghost gun to kill a mother, father, their six-year-old child, and then himself at Maquoketa Caves State Park campground.
7/18/2022FLLee County17-year-old girl unintentionally shot and killed herself with a relative's ghost gun.Petition for RPO
7/18/2022FLLee CountySheriff's Office seeked a RPO against an 18-year old who built a ghost gun that was used by a 17-year-old girl who accidentally shot and killed herself. No guns were suppose to be in the home
7/7/2022MDBaltimoreMan killed by juvenile squeegee'ing cars with Polymer80 pistol during confrontationLink to Motion
6/21/2022CATuolumnePolice responded to shots fired where one person was wounded. They found an unserialized semi-automatic handgun near the crime scene.
6/17/2022CAOxnardTeens tried to rob man with 9mm Polymer80 pistol, shot at man, grazing his neck.
6/12/2022MDSilver SpringShooting at a convenience store that resulted in two wounded. Suspect was jealous of girlfriend's ex-boyfriend (one of the victims). Suspect later admitted to police he discarded the ghost gun he used in the woods.
6/8/2022MDHagerstown19-year-old wounded after a 21-year-old shot him with a ghost gun outside a busy mall.
6/4/2022PAPhiladelphiaTwo teenagers arrested and charged with murder following a mass shooting on a crowded street. Police believe that the shooters fired randomly into the crowd in response to hearing gunshots down the block. Three people were killed and eleven wounded. A ghost gun was recovered at the scene.
5/29/2022MNSt. PaulDuo was shot at and then fired at a group they mistakenly thought were the initial shooters. Two individuals, including one from the duo, were injured. A Polymer80 equipped with a switch to fire automatically was recovered in addition to another handgun.
5/26/2022NJPennsaukenShooting left one person wounded. Police apprehended a juvenile suspect two hours later, at which time they located the ghost gun with an extended magazine that was used in the shooting.
5/11/2022CAPalo Alto18 and 19-year-olds injured by unintentionally discharged ghost handgun
5/6/2022MEWaldo County16-year-old shot and killed man with Polymer80 ghost pistol he made with parts he bought online.
5/5/2022CASanta Rosa23-year-old man killed his 17-year-old girlfriend before taking his own life with a Polymer80 handgun.
5/4/2022MDBaltimoreMan sentenced to 40 years in prison for fatally shooting another man with a P80 hangun.
5/3/2022NYBronxMan opens fire with ghost gun, killing one and injuring two others.
4/11/2022MNFaribaultAccidental self-shooting with a ghost AR-style rifle.
4/8/2022NYBronxA 17-year-old shot and killed a 16-year-old and injured two other teens with a ghost gun outside of a high school.
3/6/2022WAEverettAfter a fight broke out in the parking lot of a bar, a man shot and killed another man with a ghost gun.
3/4/2022KSJohnson CountyA student used a ghost gun to shoot a school resource officer.
2/28/2022CASacramentoA man subject to a DVRO killed his three daughters, a chaperone, and himself with ghost AR.
2/27/2022KSLenexaA man used a ghost AR-15 in the double murder-suicide of his ex-girlfriend and the man that she was with.
2/25/2022NMAlbuquerque14-year-old killed 16-year-old with ghost gun near school.
2/3/2022CAIrving ParkTeenager killed a passing motorist from his apartment using an unserialized ghost gun.
1/30/2022FLVero BeachA teen unintentionally shot another teen with ghost pistol he thought was unloaded.
1/28/2022CALos AngelesA man with a ghost gun was shot and injured by officers.
1/25/2022NYNew Rochelle16 year old fatally shot another 16 year old with Polymer80 pistol.
1/21/2022MDMontgomery County17-year-old shot a 15 year old in high school with ghost gun.
1/19/2022CASan JoseA man with a ghost gun was shot and killed by officers.
1/17/2022MASomervilleA man fired his ghost gun during an armed home invasion.
1/17/2022MDBaltimorePolymer80 9mm pistol used in killing of community leader.
1/15/2022NYRochesterSuspect in triple shooting had a Polymer80, carmate pointed it at police
1/8/2022CAFontanaTwo people were shot and injured. A loaded ghost gun was found.
1/4/2022ILDuPage County16-year-old robbed victim and shot her in the leg with Polymer80 ghost gun.
1/4/2022ILRockfordTwo teens were injured with a ghost gun during a shooting in a high school parking lot.
12/31/2021MNBloomingtonMall of America shooting by 18-year-old used Polymer80 ghost pistol.
12/31/2021WIStoughtonA man shot and killed his 19 year old friend. The shooter claimed the gun fired unintentionally.
12/21/2021NYSyracuseMan killed when Polymer80 fired from car.
12/5/2021CASan FranciscoA person was shot during a robbery at a motel with a ghost gun.
11/30/2021MNMaplewoodAfter abducting a girl, the kidnapper shot the girl's family member with a ghost gun.
11/29/2021AZPhoenixA high school student sold a Polymer80 pistol to another student in school. The seller was hurt in the shooting.
11/27/2021GADouglas CountyA 13-year-old who was making and selling ghost guns unintentionally shot his sister in a deal gone wrong.
11/24/2021COAuroraAn ex-officer shot a child who had a ghost gun.
11/20/2021NJCamden CountyMan accidentally shot himself with a ghost gun.
11/9/2021CASan FranciscoA drug dealer used a Polymer80 pistol in a road rage shooting.Complaint
11/2/2021MIWyomingMan killed hotel security guard with ghost gun.
10/21/2021MASpringfieldA car chase ended in gunfire, injuring one woman. A ghost gun was used.
10/10/2021NYAlbanyA 22-year-old man was murdered in a park with a ghost gun.
9/28/2021WIMadisonA 15-year-old unintentionally shot and killed 11-year-old sister with a ghost gun.
9/27/2021NYManhattan25-year-old man shot multiple people outside of a nightclub with a ghost gun; was shot by police.
9/22/2021ILOak LawnA shooting that ended with two people injured involved a ghost gun.
9/8/2021VAAlexandriaA man shot a Polymer80 ghost pistol out a car window.
8/18/2021MDGermantown14 year old killed one and wounded 3 others with a ghost gun at a basketball court.
8/13/2021CTStamfordSuspect in shooting found with P80 ghost gun.
8/7/2021DCWashingtonA man shot and killed a woman with a ghost gun after an argument.
8/1/2021RIProvidenceWoman shot and killed randomly while standing on the street with Polymer80 ghost pistol.
7/29/2021PAPhiladelphiaPolice shot a man who fired at officers with a ghost gun in a park.
7/23/2021CAHollisterPolice found a ghost gun at the scene of shooting that left one injured.
7/23/2021CASan DiegoA man with a ghost gun was shot and killed by officers. Two other ghost guns were recovered from the vehicle that the man had been traveling in prior to the shooting.
7/13/2021TNSevier CountyMan shot in leg with Polymer80 ghost gun in road rage confrontation
7/3/2021CAChula VistaA twelve-year-old boy was unintentionally shot and killed, either by himself or his friend, with a ghost gun at a sleepover.
6/27/2021CTVernonA man killed a hotel owner with a ghost gun over the price of a pool pass.
6/20/2021OHColumbus72-year-old carrying a rifle approached an individual he thought ruined his lawn and deflated his daughter's tires. After trying to disarm the man, a neighbor across the street shot and killed him with a ghost AR-style rifle. When asked why the weapon was fired, the shooter responded, "I don't know."
6/18/2021CALos AngelesTwo individuals fired upon two victims with several ghost guns, including a Polymer 80 pistol.
6/13/2021HIHawaii CountyWhen police arrived at a domestic violence crime scene, the offender shot at the officers with a ghost AR. Officers returned fire, killing him.
6/12/2021PAAllentownMan shot ghost pistol with extended magazine into crowd, was then shot by police.
5/18/2021MDWaldorfMan fired at officers with a ghost gun.
5/15/2021CASan FranciscoA man used a ghost AR pistol in a double homicide. A third victim was shot and injured.Complaint
4/25/2021VAFairfax CountyA high school student used a ghost gun to kill two other high schoolers during a fist fight. Police found an additional ghost gun in the killer's home.
4/22/2021CABerkeleyA man suspected of a shooting had a fully automatic ghost gun pistol.
4/22/2021CASan DiegoA man randomly opened fire with a ghost pistol, killing one and injuring four.
2/25/2021MDBeltsvilleMan shot at Secret Service security guards with ghost gun.Stipulation of Facts
2/22/2021NYOnondaga CountyMan killed neighbor with ghost gun after argument.
1/21/2021MAMiddleboroughAn 18-year-old shot three people with a ghost gun.
12/15/2020MAPeabody19-year-old man transferred ghost gun that 18-year-old transferee unintentionally shot himself with.
11/29/2020CTEast HartfordA man shot and injured a woman with a Polymer80 handgun.
11/13/2020CAGardenaMembers of gang shot and killed a man after an argument; three Polymer80 pistols found afterwards.Complaint
10/31/2020NJAtlantic CountyAfter shots-fired report, pair had two handguns and charged with purchasing firearm parts to manufacture a firearm w/o a serial number
10/4/2020MDAnne Arundel CountyMan suspected in non-fatal shooting had a glock style ghost gun
9/24/2020CASan Luis ObispoWhite supremacist involved in making guns shot a police officer with a Polymer80 ghost gun. Authorities recovered four assault rifles, one bolt-action rifle, one shotgun, two handguns, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition from his vehicle.
9/12/2020CALos AngelesMan with a felony conviction shot two police officers with a ghost pistol.
8/26/2020DCWashingtonTwo men were arguing when one fired his ghost gun. The bullet struck the ground and shattered. Fragments hit a man playing chess.
8/10/2020PABucks CountyA man threatened to kill a woman in a Walmart parking lot and later assaulted his mother. When police searched his home they discovered ghost guns, 80% receivers and tools for manufacturing ghost guns. He was already prohibited from possessing firearms because of previous convictions.
7/10/2020PASelinsgroveA man used a Polymer80 handgun to kill his ex-wife and her date. He was not permitted to possess firearms because his ex-wife had a protection order against him.
6/18/2020CALos AngelesAn 18-year-old security guard had a ghost gun. He was shot and killed by police.
5/29/2020CAN.D. Cal. A boogaloo member killed two police officers with a ghost full-auto rifle with a silencer.Complaint
5/26/2020NYErie CountyA man used a ghost pistol in a drive-by shooting, then shot a police officer with an illegally modified AR-15-style assault rifle.
4/4/2020CASan Bernadino County A man selling a gun threatened the buyer with a ghost pistol during an illegal gun deal gone bad. The buyer then shot at the seller with another gun. The seller, who had recently finished his sentence for a prior carjacking conviction had a second ghost gun in his possession at the time of his arrest.Indictment
3/5/2020CASunnydaleA man shot and killed another driver and injured a passenger in a road rage shooting with a ghost gun.
3/2/2020PAPhiladelphiaA man used a ghost gun to kill another man after a bar fight.
1/1/2020CASanta Barbara CountyA man assaulted his wife and fired a handgun without a serial number into the air.
1/1/2020RIProvidenceCouple murdered woman with a ghost gun.
12/16/2019HIHonoluluA man who died in a shootout with police had a ghost pistol.
12/12/2019DCWashingtonA felon shot at officers with a ghost AR.
12/3/2019CTWatertownA man killed his girlfriend's son and daughter, then himself, with his girlfriend's ghost gun.
12/3/2019NYOnondaga CountyMentally ill man shot his six-year-old nephew in the back with a ghost gun; police responding to the scene then fatally shot the man.
11/14/2019CASanta ClaritaA teen killed two, wounded three others, and shot himself in a school shooting with a ghost gun.
11/3/2019MIMontcalm CountyWoman accidentally shot herself with homemade firearm.
9/8/2019HIHonoluluA ghost gun was used in fatal shooting.
8/9/2019CARiversideA man with a felony conviction shot at officers, killing one, with a ghost AR-15.
6/19/2019CASacramentoA man killed a police officer with an illegal AR-15, assembled from parts.
11/15/2018MDDundalkFelon did armed robberies with ghost gun, fired gun in two robberies.Sentencing Memo
9/19/2018WIDane CountyA man used a ghost gun to shoot four coworkers before being shot and killed by police.
8/23/2018DCWashingtonMan killed in shooting with ghost gun.
7/7/2018IAWaterlooA man used a ghost AR in a drive-by shooting that wounded an elderly man.
6/23/2018CASan DiegoA college student opened fire with a ghost gun on officers and firefighers responding to his apartment.
6/13/2018CODenverA man killed in a police shootout had a handgun made from build kit sold online.
6/2/2018ORMultnomah CountyMystery novelist bought a Glock gun kit online and allegedly used the gun to murder her husband.
5/12/2018KSLeavenworthA man accidentally shot himself with ghost gun.
11/14/2017CATehama CountyA felon built a ghost AR-15 and killed five people and injured at least ten people.
9/16/2017MAPepperell19-year-old man shot himself in leg with ghost gun.
7/14/2016MDBaltimoreMan shot and killed by police had homemade AR-15 that he shot at cops with.
7/21/2015CAWalnut CreekA college student killed his girlfriend and himself with ghost guns.
7/16/2014CASan Joaquin CountyThree men used a ghost gun AK to shoot at responding officers during a bank robbery.
6/7/2013CASanta MonicaA man failed a background check, then made an AR-15 and killed five people.

Ghost Guns Recoveries

YearCityStateGhost Gun Recoveries Statistics
2023RochesterNYRochester Police recovered 86 ghost guns in 2023.
2023 PoughkeepsieNYPolice recovered 45 illegal handguns in 2023, 25% of those being ghost guns.
2023BerkleyCAIn 2023, the Berkeley Police Department recovered 19 ghost guns, down from 43 in 2022 and 34 in 2021.
2023Los AngelesCAIn 2023, 1,232 ghost guns were recovered by the Los Angeles Police Department, a 28% decrease compared to 2022, where 1,706 ghost guns were recovered
2023SpringfieldMASpringfield Police spokesperson Ryan Walsh noted that Wednesday’s seizure was the 40th illegal firearm seizure and 13th ‘ghost gun’ recovered in Springfield so far in 2023.
2023TroyNY13 unserialized, privately made ghost guns were confiscated in 2023.
2023QueensNY113 ghost guns were recovered by police in 2023, the most of any borough in New York City and 31% of all ghost guns recovered in the city.
2023New York CityNYIn 2023, 359 ghost guns were recovered across New York City.
2023ColumbusOH43 ghost guns were seized by Columbus Police in 2023, up from 31 in 2022 and 14 in 2021.
2023StatewideRIRhode Island State Police seized 90 ghost guns out of 326 total firearms in 2023, mainly in the realm of counter-narcotics operations.
2020-2023Los AngelesCABetween January 2020 and Feb. 2, 2023, the Los Angeles Police Department recovered more than 4,200 ghost guns made by Polymer80
2022-2023Onondaga CountyNYDistrict Attorney Fitzpatrick told CNY Central that the county has seized just about ten ghost guns so far this year, which is on pace for the 54 total seized in 2022.
2021-2023New YorkNYNew York Police Department data shows a steady rise in the number of ghost guns seized by officers in recent years: 263 in 2021 and 463 last year, an increase of more than 76 percent. A police spokesperson said that the department has already recovered 36 ghost guns in the first two months of this year.
2020-2023DallasTX So far this year, Dallas police said it has recovered three times as many 'ghost guns' from crimes in 2022 (45 – 'ghost guns') than it did in all of 2020 (14 – 'ghost guns').
2020-2023Las VegasNVThe Las Vegas Police Department seized more than 1,100 ghost guns from 2020 through October 2023.
2019-2023OmahaNEIn 2023, at least 65 ghost guns were recovered; in 2019, that number was two.
2022PhiladelphiaPA575 ghost guns were recovered citywide in 2022. Incidents surrounding ghost guns grew 311% from 2019 to 2022.
2022PhoenixAZOX 10 Phoenix reported on the circulation of ghost guns in the area and spoke to authorities about their efforts to get these weapons off the streets. According to FOX 10, police said their agency seized 30 ghost guns in 2020 and collected 31 in the first six months of 2021.
2022Humboldt CountyCAOut of the roughly 100 firearms seized by the Humboldt County Drug Task Force last year, Nantz said an estimated 20 to 40 would qualify as ghost guns. A ghost gun is any gun that doesn’t have a serial number and thus can’t be traced.
2022Los AngelesCA"ghost guns had been linked to 24 murders, eight attempted murders, 20 robberies and 60 assaults with a deadly weapon by the end of last November."
"According to the LAPD, the department recovered 1,921 ghost guns in 2021, more than double the 813 ghost guns recovered in 2020. A representative from the department told CNN the LAPD did not begin separately tracking the number of ghost guns recovered until 2020, further underscoring how quickly ghost guns have proliferated throughout the city."
2022AntiochCADuring Chief Steve Ford’s June presentation to the city council,the police department have recovered 69 firearms so far in 2022– 26 being ghost guns. In 2021, a total of 304 were recovered with 102 being ghost guns and in 2020, 273 firearms were recovered with 82 being ghost guns.
2022OaklandCAOfficers said Wednesday that the department recovered nearly 1,400 firearms last year (2022). Nearly 25% were ghost guns.
2022San Bernardino CountyCAThe San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department-led “Operation Consequences” logged at least 373 gun seizures – including 100 so-called “ghost guns,” meaning a legally-required serial number has been scratched off or doesn't exist to be effectively untraceable – and 347 arrests from Oct. 1 to Dec. 30 in Victorville, San Bernardino and surrounding communities, according to a Daily Press analysis of public sheriff’s disclosures.
2022San DiegoCAAccording to SDPD, during the first two months of the year, police also recovered 372 firearms, 77 of which were ghost guns, banned in the city.
2022New HavenCTNew Haven’s homicide rate is less than half of what it was this time last year. There have been 10 homicides so far in 2022, compared to 26 fatal shootings at this same time last year. Elm City officers have taken 234 guns off the streets this year, including 45 illegally printed ghost guns.
2022ChicagoILLast year (2022), CPD removed more than 12,700 illegal guns from our streets, including more than 1,000 assault weapons and 750 ghost guns.
2022SpringfieldMAA total of 314 illegally possessed firearms were seized department-wide last year (2022) , including 122 large capacity firearms and 35 “Ghost Guns"."
2022BaltimoreMDCity officials said 71 people have accepted services and the pilot program in BPD's Western District has seen a 34% decrease in fatal and nonfatal shootings and a 14% increase in firearm seizures, including a 40% increase in ghost gun seizures.
2022MilwaukeeWIThe City of Milwaukee Police Department Recovered 118 Ghost Guns and 65 Full Auto/Switch Guns in 2022.
2021-2022San DiegoCASan Diego County Sheriff's office saw a dip in ghost gun seizures last year (2022) by about 30 percent when compared to 2021...The Sheriff’s Department seized 187 privately made non-serialized guns, also known as ghost guns, last year. This represents a 29% decrease from 2021 when 264 ghost guns were seized.
2021-2022WestminsterCABetween 2021 and 2022, Westminster police took 64 guns off the streets, a dramatic 278 percent increase from the 2021 total of 26. Meanwhile, the number of unserialized homemade ghost guns doubled from 13 to 26.
2021-2022HartfordCTThe 367 illegal guns that were seized, 58 ghost guns included, was a record for Hartford.
2021-2022New HavenCTElicker noted that gun seizures have increased, with 171 so far this year compared to 134 at this time past year. Of those, 171, 37 were ghost guns. By comparison, just four ghost guns had been seized this time last year.
2021-2022ChicagoILChicago police also recovered 12,716 illegal firearms in 2022 for an average of more than 34 per day. That included 1,073 assault weapons — a 54% increase over 2021 — and more than 750 unregistered, privately made ghost guns.
2021-2022StatewideMA"At least 2,419 “crime guns” were seized by state and local police as part of arrests and criminal investigations in 2022, a nearly 30% increase from the prior year, according to the state Executive Office of Public Safety and Security.
Most weapons were handguns — such as 9 mm semiautomatic pistols and .38-caliber revolvers — but police also seized 46 assault rifles, four sawed-off shotguns and a machine gun.
At least 17% of the weapons — or 316 — were so-called “ghost guns,” or privately made firearms that cannot be traced, according to the report. That’s a 75% increase over 2021, the agency said."
2021-2022Montgomery CountyMDOne of the more sobering pieces of data was that a total of 918 guns were recovered by the police department from the beginning of this year through Sept. 15. And 148 of those were ghost guns. That's more than twice the ghost guns that were confiscated from calendar 2021," said Gabe Albornoz, Montgomery County Council President. "We all must remain vigilant and if we see something, say something and report it to law enforcement."
2021-2022Montgomery CountyMDSo far this year, there have been 11 homicides linked to firearms. County police have recovered 1,053 guns, of which 165 were ghost guns.

In all of 2021, the police recovered 1,192 guns, of which 72 were ghost guns.
2021-2022MinneapolisMNIn Minneapolis, police recovered 69 ghost guns between January 2021 and June 2022. In that same timeframe, St. Paul police recovered 38 ghost guns.
2021-2022StatewideNCNorth Carolina illegal PMF or ghost gun seizure went from 400 in 2021 to 900 in 2022.
2021-2022StatewideNCIn North Carolina, law enforcement is seeing a similar pattern with the number of recoveries in the state increasing by around 700% in 2021 with more than 400 ghost guns recovered."
2021-2022New YorkNYThese arrests have resulted in 6,638 guns seized citywide so far in 2022. These seizures include 356 ghost guns, which is a 76% increase compared with the 202 ghost guns seized by the department in the same period of 2021.
2020-2022New HavenCTPolice confiscated fewer than 10 ghost guns in 2020, he said. In 2021, 15 of the 202 guns seized by the police department were ghost guns. A year later, it was 47 of the 246 seized firearms
2020-2022HartfordCTIn Hartford, police seized 57 ghost guns last year (2022), up from 21 in 2021 and seven in 2020, Tong said.
2020-2022RochesterNYRochester Police recovered 16 ghost guns in 2020. That number jumped to 45 in 2021 and this year six ghost guns have already been recovered.
2020-2022MilwaukeeWIWhile the biggest issue can be found in Milwaukee, where 45 such guns have been recovered so far this year, compared to 37 last year and 8 in 2020, Green Bay police are also finding them.
2020-2022MilwaukeeWI "To put it in perspective, 2020 your total year we had 8 ghost guns recovered. 2021 we had 37 recovered – and half of 22 we’re already at 52 ghost guns recovered," Lough said."
2020-2022MilwaukeeWIPrior to 2020, an MPD spokesperson told Wisconsin Examiner, the department had never encountered a ghost gun. In 2020, as the pandemic shut down economic activity and people took to the streets, MPD collected eight of the sly weapons. The following year the police seized 37 ghost guns. Between January 1 and July 28 of this year, 68 ghost guns have been recovered by MPD. Although eclipsed by the number of traceable firearms recovered annually by MPD, the number of ghost guns in the city has risen by 85% since first appearing in 2020."
2019-2022San DiegoCAAccording to the SDPD, 545 ghost guns were recovered by the department in 2021. There were 211 in 2020 and 52 in 2019.
2019-2022Santa BarbaraCA"According to Santa Barbara Police Department Communications and Media Relations Supervisor Susan Segura, these types of plastic-based handguns were first reported by city police in March 2019. In 2021, 10 such weapons were recovered, and so far this year, six ghost guns have been recorded.

Countywide, Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Raquel Zick said there were 22 ghost guns recovered in 2021, and a total of 30 so far in 2022."
2019-2022WashingtonDCIn 2019 I think we recovered approximately 115 or 116, and last year [2022] over 500 were recovered in the District of Columbia,” said ATF Supervisory Special Agent in Charge, Sam Ward. Ward said in 2023 they're already on pace to exceed 2022's record numbers.
2019-2022BostonMASince tracking began in 2019, Boston has seen a 280% increase in the number of so-called "ghost guns" recovered during the course of criminal investigations, reflecting a national trend highlighted by President Biden last week.

"Since statistics have been tracked, the numbers have been going up. All firearms are a concern for the department, but these are all connected to criminal cases," officer Andrew Watson, a Boston Police spokesperson, told the Herald.

In 2019, the city recovered 15 unserialized or homemade weapons, Watson said. The next year it was 23. Last year the number jumped to 58. So far in 2022, there have been 16 recovered, he said, meaning the department is on track for another year with dozens of such firearms confiscated.
2019-2022BostonMAIn 2019 the city recovered 15 unserialized or homemade weapons, the spokesperson said. The next year it was 23. Last year the number jumped to 58. So far in 2022 there have been 16 recovered, he sa…
2019-2022CamdenNJTo date, the CCPD has recovered 45 ghost guns in the city and will surpass last year’s total of 61. In contrast, in 2019, the agency recovered seven . . . .
As of October 24, the CCPD has recovered 311 firearms and is on track to surpass the 332 recovered all last year. In 2021, ghost guns made up almost 20% of the total firearms taken from suspects or found at crime scenes.
2019-2022New YorkNY"In New York City in 2019, we recovered 47 ghost guns. In 2020, we recovered 150 ghost guns," Chief of Intelligence Tom Galati said. "In 2021, that number jumped to 375. And so far in 2022, we have 85 compared to 20 last year.""
2018-2022New YorkNYThe prevalence of ghost guns has risen to alarming levels since the NYPD seized its first ghost gun in 2018. This year, police have recovered 153 of the homemade guns as of May 11, a 314% increase from 2018, Sewell said.
2017-2022Los AngelesCAATF reported that 2,602 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2021PasadenaCAPasadena police estimate that about 10% to 12% of the 250 firearms they have recovered so far this year have been ghost guns.
2021Santa Clara CountyCA"In 2015, we recovered four ghost guns in our county. Last year, 293," Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen said."
2021ChicagoILLast year, police seized more than 300 "ghost" guns in Baltimore, 455 in Chicago and 225 in New York City, according to the respective police departments. "
2021SpringfieldMAA total of 255 illegally possessed firearms were seized department-wide last year, of which 131 were large capacity firearms and 27 were so-called “ghost guns” with removed or altered serial numbers, making them impossible to trace."
2021OmahaNEOPD officers say they’ve recovered 16 ghost guns so far in 2021. Three of those were turned over voluntarily for safe-keeping.
2021New YorkNYLast year, police seized more than 300 "ghost" guns in Baltimore, 455 in Chicago and 225 in New York City, according to the respective police departments."
2021StatewideNJLaw enforcement agencies have recovered 275 illegal ghost guns in New Jersey since the start of February 2021.
2020-2021Daly CityCAOnly one ghost gun was recovered in 2019 in Daly City, but 10 each were seized in 2020 and 2021, according to Daly City Police Department Sgt. Brandon Scholes — most seized in conjunction with drug possession or drug sales.
2020-2021MauiHIWe have recovered a total of 16 ghost guns, compared to 11 ghost guns recovered in 2021. So there is a definite increase increase in ghost guns, as we are still only in the month of April,” Esperanza said.
Chicago IL "Last year, police seized more than 300 "ghost" guns in Baltimore, 455 in Chicago and 225 in New York City, according to the respective police departments. "
2020-2021Nassau CountryNY"Police in Nassau have seized 278 illegal guns, which is up from 195 from this time in 2021 and 183 from this time in 2020.
. . . .
Among the illegal firearms that police have recovered, 42 have been ghost guns, which are very hard to trace."
2020-2021PhiladelphiaPA"According to the Attorney General’s office, 630 arrests have been made by this task force between 2017 and 2021 with 1,104 firearms recovered. In 2021, its work led to 202 gun-related arrests which is up 85% from the prior year, and 368 firearms recovered, an increase of 104% from 2020. It recovered 571 ghost guns in Philadelphia in 2021, an increase of 128% from the prior year."
2019-2021Redwood CityCAThe Redwood City Police Department reported that two ghost guns were recovered in 2019 and in 2020, of 75 and 57 total guns, respectively. By comparison, seven ghost guns out of 56 guns total were recovered by December 2021."
2019-2021San MateoCAThe city of San Mateo reported 16 ghost guns recovered in 2021, an increase of 166% since 2019.
2019-2021South San FranciscoCAIn South San Francisco, nine ghost guns were recovered in 2019; in 2021, over a fourth of the 46 firearms recovered were homemade firearms, according to Sgt. Sean Curmi.
2019-2021PhiladelphiaPAThe Philadelphia Police Department reported recovering 95 ghost guns in 2019 and 250 in 2020. The number more than doubled in 2021, with 571 ghost guns taken off the streets.
2019-2021HoustonTXGhost guns" are also trending up. In 2019, HFSC received just three. In 2020, they received 16 and in 2021, they handled 43."
2018-2021WashingtonDC"In 2018, officers in the District recovered 25 ghost guns.
In 2019, that jumped to 116.
In 2020, ghost gun recoveries more than doubled to 282.
And in 2021, ghost gun recoveries are already at 313, with another month and a half left in the year."
2018-2021BaltimoreMDBaltimore police seized 345 ghost guns in 2021, up from 12 three years ago, Harrison said. Of those, 32 were linked to a homicide investigation or shooting, the commissioner said." "Prince George’s County police logged 264 ghost guns, compared with 17 three years ago"
2018-2021BaltimoreMDFrom June 2021 through the end of 2023, 1,253 ghost guns were recovered. More Polymer80s were recovered in that period compared to any other firearm brand. Fewer than 10 ghost guns were recovered in 2018.
2018-2021BuffaloNYBuffalo has seen a significant rise in ghost guns this year, with city police having confiscated more than 50 such guns, according to the department. Compare that to all of last year, when city cops recovered five of these firearms. From 2018 through 2020, police seized 15 ghost guns, said Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia.
2017-2021HuntsvilleALATF reported that 4 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021MobileALATF reported that 14 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021PhoenixAZATF reported that 300 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021San BernardinoCAATF reported that 307 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021San FranciscoCAPolice in San Francisco seized 1,089 guns in 2021, about 20% of which were ghost guns. Just five years prior in 2016, ghost guns made up less than 1% of total gun seizures. The city's police department also reported that nearly half of the firearms recovered in homicide cases in 2020 were ghost guns.
2017-2021San JoseCAATF reported that 163 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021San DiegoCAATF reported that 936 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021JacksonvilleFLATF reported that 31 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021MiamiFLATF reported that 53 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021OrlandoFLATF reported that 79 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021TampaFLATF reported that 32 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021AtlantaGAATF reported that 54 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021ChicagoILATF reported that 1,432 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021IndianapolisINATF reported that 81 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021WichitaKSATF reported that 27 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021LouisvilleKYATF reported that 160 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021Baton RougeLAATF reported that 15 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021New OrleansLAATF reported that 23 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021ShreveportLAATF reported that 15 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021BaltimoreMDATF reported that 644 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021St. LouisMOATF reported that 51 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021DetroitMIATF reported that 101 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021CharlotteNCATF reported that 243 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021Winston-SalemNCATF reported that 27 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021New YorkNYATF reported that 317 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021Las VegasNVATF reported that 287 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021Las VegasNVUse of “ghost guns” is dramatically rising. Requests for ATF traces on ghost guns jumped from 1,629 in 2017 to 19,273 in 2021. ATF said 287 “privately made firearms” were recovered and traced in Las Vegas.
2017-2021CincinnatiOHATF reported that 15 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021ClevelandOHATF reported that 32 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021ColumbusOHATF reported that 34 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021DaytonOHATF reported that 10 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021TulsaOKATF reported that 26 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021PhiladelphiaPAATF reported that 924 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021ColumbiaSCATF reported that 21 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021ChattanoogaTNATF reported that 30 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021MemphisTNATF reported that 74 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021DallasTXATF reported that 87 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021HoustonTXATF reported that 291 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021San AntonioTXATF reported that 55 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021RichmondVAATF reported that 38 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2017-2021MilwaukeeWIATF reported that 35 suspected Privately Made Firearms were recovered and traced from 2017 through 2021
2019-2020SacramentoCAIn 2019, Sacramento police recovered 73 ghost guns. In 2020, 196 were taken off the street, but last year it doubled to 410.
2019DenverCOIn Denver, 38 ghost guns used to commit crimes have been recovered by police since November 2019, according to the City Attorney’s Office. That means ghost guns account for about 2% of firearms recovered in Denver.

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