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Prohibiting Guns at Public Demonstrations: Debunking First and Second Amendment Myths After Charlottesville

In August 2017, white supremacist demonstrators, accompanied by private militia groups, descended on the college town of Charlottesville, Virginia to protest the removal of a controversial Confederate statue and to unite various white nationalist groups. Many protesters and militia members were heavily armed. The demonstration quickly descended into chaos, injuries, and even death.

City of Missoula Files Lawsuit to Clear Path for City to Enforce Its Firearms Background Check Law: Everytown Litigation serving as co-counsel

Everytown for Gun Safety’s Litigation Team is representing the City of Missoula in its lawsuit against the Attorney General of Montana as part of the city’s efforts to enforce a public safety ordinance requiring background checks on unlicensed gun sales. The lawsuit asks a Montana state court to overrule a determination by Attorney General Timothy C. Fox that the ordinance is preempted by state law. Everytown’s Litigation Team is co-counsel with the Missoula firm of Boone Karlberg P.C. and the Missoula City Attorney. Read the full Press Release.

Everytown Litigation Files Suit on Behalf of Florida Cities Challenging Punitive Preemption Penalties; Seeks to Clear Path For Local Ordinances that would Limit Sales of Large Capacity Magazines

Everytown for Gun Safety’s Litigation Team is representing the Broward County cities of Coral Springs, Coconut Creek and Pembroke Pines in a lawsuit against the state of Florida and Florida officials as part of the cities’ efforts to enact prohibitions on large-capacity magazines. The lawsuit alleges that Florida’s punitive firearms preemption law unconstitutionally and illegally threatens local legislators and municipalities with substantial penalties for enacting ordinances that may later be found to be preempted by Florida state law. Everytown’s Litigation Team and Proskauer Rose LLP are lead counsel in the suit.

Firearm Manufacturer & Seller Gun Safety Codes of Conduct: An Opportunity for Financial Institutions

To help financial institutions identify tangible steps for working with gun dealers and gun manufacturers, Everytown proposes gun safety codes of conduct, as guidance to help reduce gun violence by requiring business customers involved in the firearms industry to follow responsible business practices.

Everytown Submits Brief in Support of New York's Public Carry Licensing System

Everytown for Gun Safety filed this amicus brief in the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York, in support of the New York’s concealed carry permitting law. The brief demonstrated that the law’s requirement that applicants for concealed carry permits show a need for self-defense greater than the general public to be issued a license is consistent with centuries of Anglo-American tradition, and does not violate the Second Amendment.