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Representing Cities January 8, 2020

Everytown Law Wins Dismissal of Challenge to City of Albuquerque’s Enforcement of State Prohibition on Firearms in Community, Health, Multigenerational Centers, and Senior Centers

In an administrative instruction issued last August, the City of Albuquerque notified the public it would strictly enforce state laws that prohibit firearms in the City’s Community, Health, Multigenerational Centers, and Senior Centers. New Mexico law prohibits firearms in places like the centers, where school and university-related activities take place.

Representing Cities January 7, 2020

Everytown Law Represents Kansas City in Public Nuisance Lawsuit Against Gun Manufacturer, Gun Dealers, and Alleged Gun Traffickers for Contributing to Local Gun Violence

Everytown Law represents Kansas City in a lawsuit against a Nevada gun manufacturer, multiple current or former Kansas City-area licensed firearms dealers, an alleged gun trafficker, and an alleged straw purchaser over the trafficking of handguns into the Kansas City area.

Representing Cities September 27, 2019

Ohio Appellate Court Reinstates City of Columbus Gun Safety Ordinance

Everytown Law advised the City of Columbus, Ohio on a lawsuit defending two of the city's gun safety ordinances: (1) a prohibition on bump stocks and other illegal rate-of-fire devices, and (2) an ordinance penalizing individuals who unlawfully possess, carry, or use a firearm after having been convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor.

Representing Cities April 26, 2019

Everytown Law Defends the City of Pittsburgh in Three Lawsuits in Defending Gun Violence Prevention Ordinances

Everytown Law represents the City of Pittsburgh in a trio of lawsuits arising out of the passage of three gun-violence-prevention ordinances passed in the wake of the horrific massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue in October 2018. Gun rights activists immediately sued the city for daring to pass gun violence ordinances. On October 29, 2019 the trial court held that the Ordinances were preempted by state law. The City announced its intent to appeal. November 19, 2019 the Court rejected the plaintiff's petition for contempt.

The City is appealing the trial court's order. The City filed briefs in the Commonwealth Court on April 30, 2020 and May 1, 2020 seeking to have the trial court's orders reversed.

Representing Cities April 26, 2019

Florida Court Rules in Favor of Everytown Clients, Holding Punitive Preemption Law Unconstitutional

The Broward County cities of Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Pembroke Pines and Wilton Manors sued the state of Florida and Florida officials in an effort to enact local ordinances promoting gun safety. The suit alleges that Florida’s punitive firearms preemption law unconstitutionally and illegally threatens local legislators and municipalities for enacting ordinances that may later be found to be preempted by Florida state law. Shortly after filing an initial complaint, the cities consolidated their suit with two similar lawsuits. In the consolidated case, thirty municipalities, three counties, and more than eighty elected local officials seek to overturn the punitive provisions of the preemption law.