The gun lobby has also worked to keep the country in the dark about gun violence, with dire consequences for public health and public safety. The NRA has fought to prevent Congress from providing any funding for research on gun violence; it has blocked law enforcement from being able to share analyses of crime gun trace data; and it has tried to pass laws prohibiting doctors and military leaders from talking to patients and service members about responsible gun ownership and suicide prevention.

the gun lobby

the gun lobby

Access Denied

In January 2013, Mayors Against Illegal Guns released a report that surveys the gun lobby’s efforts to suppress data and research funding on violence, making it difficult to study the causes of gun violence and to develop evidence-based policies that will reduce America’s gun murder rate.

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Fact Sheets The Gun Lobby July 9, 2015

Guns in Bars

There is strong evidence that those under the influence of alcohol are at an elevated risk of violent behavior, including gun violence.

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Fact Sheets The Gun Lobby July 9, 2015

State Firearm Nullification Laws

In recent years, legislation to nullify federal firearms laws and/or make it a state crime to enforce the federal firearms law have been proposed across the country and enacted in at least nine states - even though nullifying federal law is patently unconstitutional.
Fact Sheets The Gun Lobby July 9, 2015

State Firearm Preemption Laws

Thanks to NRA lobbying, more than 40 states have passed broad firearm preemption laws that prevent local mayors and police chiefs from passing common-sense public safety measures designed to keep their communities safe.
Fact Sheets The Gun Lobby July 9, 2015

Doctor Gag Order Laws

The NRA promotes state legislation that bars doctors from asking patients questions about gun ownership, recording information on gun ownership in medical records, or using questions about gun ownership to determine what patients they will treat. These laws interfere with the doctor-patient relationship, and obstruct physicians’ ability to share potentially life-saving information on responsible gun storage practices with their patients.

Amicus Brief: Leach v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Coalition of Mayors Against Illegal Guns filed this amicus brief in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, supporting a constitutional challenge to a punitive, sweeping firearms preemption law adopted by the Pennsylvania legislature.