Promoting frank dialogue about the risk that firearms pose in moments of crisis is critical, and many members of society can take part in this conversation — from family physicians to gun dealers to military commanders. Legislation may prove an important tool for reducing these needless tragedies as well: some states have passed laws allowing family members and law enforcement to petition a court to temporarily remove someone's firearms if they have demonstrated a danger to themselves and others.



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Reports Gun Violence Trends April 11, 2017

Mass Shootings in the United States: 2009-2016

Using FBI data and media reports, Everytown for Gun Safety developed an analysis of mass shootings that took place between January 2009 and December 2016.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Comments on Mental Health Gun Rules

by Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Mayors Against Illegal Guns submitted this comment to ATF to urge the agency to modernize its rules implementing the federal firearms prohibitions on individuals who pose a danger to themselves or others because of mental illness. The proposed rule changes would facilitate the sharing of information on the dangerously mentally ill with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, a critical tool in preventing dangerous persons from obtaining access to firearms.

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