Everytown’s Litigation and Enforcement team leverages the expertise of a group of seasoned litigators, including several former federal and state prosecutors, with decades of collective experience as courtroom and appellate advocates. We have deep knowledge relating to the full range of gun safety issues, from background checks, public carry and gun trafficking to guns on campus and punitive firearms preemption laws. We also have significant experience representing and working with survivors of gun violence in lawsuits against the gun industry and with local and state governments facing Second Amendment challenges to gun safety laws.


The Litigation and Enforcement team is available to provide free legal representation and advice to both individual and government clients across the country. We also regularly partner with experienced litigators in private practice at some of the top law firms in the nation. If you have a potential litigation or enforcement matter, contact us through the form below. Please understand that because Everytown is a non-profit organization, we can only select a small number of cases and inquiries for advice or representation. We select cases based on their potential impact for preventing future gun violence.

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Litigation Press The Gun Lobby October 27, 2017

Everytown, Moms Demand Action Statements Responding to Report That New York Department of Financial Services is Investigating NRA Carry Guard Insurance

On October 24, 2017, the Wall Street Journal reported that the New York Department of Financial Services is investigating the legality of the NRA's marketing and fees in connection with its Carry Guard insurance product. The disclosure of the investigation follows an investigation and analysis of Carry Guard by Everytown, which was shared with law enforcement and regulators.

Everytown Files Brief in Support of Massachusetts’ Public Carry Licensing System (Weng v. Evans)

Everytown for Gun Safety filed this amicus brief in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts in a case challenging Massachusetts' public carry licensing system as implemented by the cities of Boston and Brookline. Everytown's brief shows that Massachusetts' public carry licensing regime is consistent with a centuries-long Anglo-American tradition and clearly constitutional under the Second Amendment.