Everytown’s research has shown that expanding the areas where guns can be carried and the circumstances in which they can be used is only associated with greater harm. So-called Stand Your Ground laws, which encourage the use of deadly force outside the home, are associated with significantly higher justifiable homicide rates. After Georgia passed its Stand Your Ground law, the number of justifiable homicides in the states increased by 83 percent. In Florida, it tripled. This push towards allowing easy access to guns in a growing variety of public places has only resulted in a greater risk of gun violence, often justified by increasingly permissive laws.

Guns in Public Places

guns in public places
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Fact Sheets Guns in Public Places March 22, 2019

Assault Weapons and High-Capacity Magazines

Assault weapons and high-capacity magazines are commonplace in mass shootings and make shootings more lethal. Research shows that restrictions on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines can help prevent mass shooting injuries and fatalities as well as reduce the devastation of daily gun violence in America.

Dozens of Florida Cities and Counties Ask Court to Clear Path for Implementation of Local Public Safety Gun Laws

In this filing, 30 municipalities, three counties, and more than seventy elected local officials from Florida asked a Florida court to rule in their favor as they seek to enact and enforce local gun laws, telling the court that state preemption penalties on local firearm laws violate both the state and federal Constitutions on multiple grounds. The plaintiffs are represented in the three consolidated lawsuits by a number of private law firms, city attorneys, county attorneys, and Everytown for Gun Safety’s litigation team.
Fact Sheets Guns in Public Places February 20, 2019

Keeping Our Schools Safe

For the last twenty years we have lived with the reality of school shootings. The failure of our leaders to act is having lasting consequences on millions of American’s students. We need meaningful action that keeps our schools safe—action that approaches the problem from all angles.