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Reports Better Background Checks July 31, 2017

No Questions Asked

In Oregon, domestic abusers and meth users are evading background checks and buying guns online in plain sight.
Reports Better Background Checks July 31, 2017

Online and Off the Record

Criminals and domestic abusers are prohibited from buying firearms, but until voters in Washington State passed a bill to close them, loopholes in the law made it easy for them to get guns.
Reports Better Background Checks September 6, 2016

Thousands of Guns, No Background Check Required

The state of Maine has a strong tradition of gun ownership. And Maine’s gun owners know that responsible ownership includes keeping guns out of the wrong hands. That’s why 93% of Americans—and the majority of Mainers, regardless of political party—agree: all gun buyers should pass a criminal background check.

The Wild Wild Web

Invisible to most Nevadans, an unregulated commerce in firearms continues. And it’s facilitated by the same digital platforms driving the state's economic boom.