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Lessons from Missouri: the Cost of Eliminating Background Checks

For several decades, Missouri required every handgun buyer to pass a criminal background check and obtain a purchase permit. In 2007, the state dismantled its permit system and eliminated the background check requirement.

Thousands of Guns, No Background Check Required

The state of Maine has a strong tradition of gun ownership. And Maine’s gun owners know that responsible ownership includes keeping guns out of the wrong hands. That’s why 93% of Americans—and the majority of Mainers, regardless of political party—agree: all gun buyers should pass a criminal background check.

2013 State by State Support for Background Checks

by Mayors Against Illegal Guns

In early 2013, Douglas Schoen LLC conducted polls on behalf of Mayors Against Illegal Guns in 21 states and in 41 Congressional districts–all of which showed that likely voters overwhelmingly support background checks for all gun sales.

2013 National Poll of Voters' Attitudes Toward Common-Sense Gun Laws

by Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Following the mass shooting in Newtown, CT, Douglas Schoen LLC conducted a national survey on behalf of Mayors Against Illegal Guns to test voters’ attitudes toward a variety of gun violence prevention policies proposed by state and federal officials.