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Videos Online Gun Sales December 14, 2011

Online Gun Sale Investigation Videos

by Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the City of New York

These videos accompanied the release of the City of New York's investigation of online gun sales. The report uncovered the extent of the online gun market, and this original footage shows how private sellers advertising guns online react when investigators say "I probably couldn't pass a background check."

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Videos Background Checks October 6, 2009

Gun Show Undercover Investigation Videos

by Mayors Against Illegal Guns

In 2009, the City of New York conducted a multi-state investigation of gun shows to expose the threat posed by the “gun show loophole,” a term often used to describe the fact that federal law allows private sellers to sell firearms without background checks or record keeping. This loophole is closely associated with gun shows because they’re the largest and most central marketplaces for private sellers to connect with purchasers who are trying to avoid detection.  

How President Obama's Executive Action Will Crack Down on Gun Traffickers

President Obama has taken an executive action that will help keep unlicensed gun sellers from fueling the black market. This executive action will clarify the rules around which gun sellers are required to get a dealer license and conduct background checks.

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Oregon Law Enforcement Deaths and Illegal Guns

An Everytown for Gun Safety analysis of FBI data over the last 30 years shows that more than half of Oregon police officers shot to death with guns that were not their own were killed by people who were likely barred from possessing firearms.

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January 2016 Executive Actions

On January 4, 2016 the Administration unveiled a series of executive actions it is taking to better enforce existing law. These actions will improve the background check system and empower law enforcement to crack down on gun traffickers and keep guns out of dangerous hands.

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