2014 National Survey of Women Voters’ Attitudes Toward Gun Violence Prevention

July 30, 2014

In July 2014, Purple Insights conducted a nationwide survey of women voters on behalf of Everytown, with an oversample of Republican/Independent voters. A strong majority of respondents support requiring background checks for all gun sales and closing loopholes to keep guns away from domestic abusers and stalkers. The key findings are below, and the polling memo is available here.


Do you favor or oppose requiring all gun buyers to pass a criminal background check, no matter where they buy the gun and no matter whom they buy it from?

  All women voters  R/I women voters 
Strongly favor 81% 74%
Somewhat favor 12% 16%
Somewhat oppose 4% 5%
Strongly oppose 2% 4%
Don’t know 1% 2%
Net Favor 93% 89%
Net Oppose 6% 9%


There is a new proposal to expand the definition of abuser so convicted stalkers and people convicted of — or restrained from — abusing a dating partner also can’t have guns. Do you favor or oppose this proposal?

All women voters  R/I women voters 
Strongly favor 61% 53%
Somewhat favor 19% 25%
Somewhat oppose 5% 7%
Strongly oppose 9% 9%
Don’t know 5% 6%
Net favor 81% 77%
Net oppose 14% 16%